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Gwinnett County Court System
Supreme Court of Georgia
Atlanta Legal Aid Society
State Bar of Georgia
Official Code of Georgia

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GA Name Change - Minor Child

Important Notes:

Certain adults with legal rights regarding the minor child will need to be notified of the proposed legal action. Any non-petitioning parent, managing conservator or legal guardian will need to be notified. The applicant is required to do this even if (s)he has sole custody of the child. Similarly, if the applicant is the child's legal guardian, they will also need to serve the child's parents. Consent should be obtained from any non-petitioning parent who has not terminated their parental rights. NOTE: The written consent of a parent shall not be required if the parent has not contributed to the support of the child for a continuous period of five (5) years or more immediately preceding the filing of the Petition.

Requirements to File a Change of Name for a Minor in Georgia

(George Name Change Requirements for an Adult)

Certain requirements must be met before you can file a name change for a minor child. These requirements include:

  • You (the parent/legal guardian/etc., the "Petitioner") must be an adult.
  • You must file the application for change of name in the county where you and the minor child reside.
  • You must file a certified copy of the minor child's birth certificate with the Petition.
  • You must have proper and reasonable cause for the requested change of name.
  • You are not changing the minor's name to avoid debts, to defraud creditors or to infringe upon the rights of others.
PLEASE REMEMBER!  Our forms are ONLY designed to cover a simple, uncontested name change in which all adults with legal rights regarding the minor child can be notified (meaning their current address/whereabouts is known) and will consent to the child's name change. Our forms and services should not be used if you or the child have been convicted of a crime, have claimed bankruptcy, have judgments or liens against you, are not a U.S. citizen, or you are a registered sex offender.