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The Arizona Name Change Law Center is a resource on changing your name in Arizona.

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Arizona Name Change Law

2-60112-601. Application; venue; judgment

A. When a person desires to change his name and to adopt another name, he may file an application in the superior court in the county of his residence, setting forth reasons for the change of name and the name he wishes to adopt. The court may enter judgment that the adopted name of the party be substituted for the original name.

B. The parent, guardian ad litem or next friend of a minor may file an application for change of the name of the minor in the county of the minor's residence. The court shall consider the best interests of the child in determining whether to enter judgment that the name of the minor be changed. 12-601

12-60212-602. Notice of application; effect of change on rights and obligations

A. If upon the filing of the application for change of name the court deems it proper that notice be given, it may order that notice of the application be given by publication or by service upon any party interested.

B. The change of name shall not operate to release the person from any obligations which he has incurred or is under by the original name, or defeat or destroy any rights of property or action which he had in his original name. 12-602